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With a bold transformation and a complete reimagining of news media, the Ottawa Citizen has changed how it creates and delivers content to audiences. This new approach focuses primarily on local news and platform-driven storytelling to bring highly engaged audiences to our advertisers at exactly the right moment.

The Ottawa Citizen’s content reaches half a million residents of Canada’s capital each week. For nearly 170 years the Citizen has been the first choice for news and information keeping readers informed with in-depth analysis and context.

With revitalized products across all four platforms, readers will engage with stories differently, on different platforms, different times throughout the day.

In 2013, the Ottawa Citizen and Postmedia News were the winners of the World Press Freedom Award, the 2013 Hillman Prize in Journalism and the 2012 Michener Award as well as the National Newspaper Award in the political reporting category.

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Our Media Kit is a great way to discover what the Ottawa Citizen has to offer. Our reimagined products provide great storytelling with an exciting, updated new look in print, and on web, smartphone and tablet.

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Our Fast Facts will help you understand more about our readers. Who are they? Where are they reading? Our research will help you better position your brand to reach your target audience.

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For more information about advertising in the Ottawa Citizen contact a sales representative.

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Sales Management Jon Stewart Director, Media Sales
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National Sales Contacts

To reach audiences with a nation-wide campaign using more Postmedia brands, work with us.

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For more information about campaign execution contact our support team.

Local Support Contacts

Beth Sabourin Manager, Sales Operations, Eastern Operation Centre
Marc Lahaie Manager, Centralized Production Hub

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