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With a bold transformation and a complete reimagining of newsmedia, the Regina Leader-Post has changed how it creates and delivers content to audiences. This new approach focuses primarily on local news and platform-driven storytelling to bring highly engaged audiences to our advertisers at exactly the right moment.

For over 130 years the Regina Leader-Post has provided Saskatchewan with the most complete news information package with an emphasis on city events, politics, sports and agricultural issues. The Leader-Post is distributed in print and on web, smartphone and tablet platforms.

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Our Media Kit is a great way to discover what the Regina Leader-Post has to offer. Our reimagined products provide great storytelling with an exciting, updated new look in print, and on web, smartphone and tablet.

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Our Fast Facts will help you understand more about our readers. Who are they? Where are they reading? Our research will help you better position your brand to reach your target audience.

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